Previous Winners

The Thermo Fisher Scientific VMSG Award

The Thermo Fisher Scientific VMSG Award is bestowed annually on an individual who is deemed to have made a significant contribution to our current understanding of volcanic and magmatic processes. Such a contribution will most likely be in the form of a paper or series of papers, although other forms of evidence (e.g. convening paradigm-changing workshops and conferences) will also be considered. There is no age or nationality limit and researchers at any stage of their career will be considered. The nominee should ideally be a part of the VMSG community, through participation in VMSG meetings and activities and/or interaction with other VMSG scientists. Current VMSG committee members are not eligible for nomination.

The awardee will be invited to deliver the VMSG keynote lecture that year (VMSG meetings are typically held in early January), for which expenses will be provided. Nominations should be sent to the VMSG Secretary by the 1st June and should consist of:

Nominations will be conisdered by the VMSG committee in the summer committee meeting. The award will be bestowed at the annual VMSG meeting in January.