VMSG runs and supports many scientific events throughout the year. The highlight of the year is the Annual VMSG meeting, held at a different UK academic insitution each year. These meetings are extremely well attended by 200+ delegates, with presentations on the latest research within the group presented over 3 days. The meetings are focused on student development and this is shown in the usual emphasis towards student presentations.

To find out more, visit the Meetings page.


VMSG help to run a range of non-profit making fieldtrips for the VMSG community with the aim to provide one trip per year. These trips to some of the most interesting and significant igneous field locations are always well attended.

To find out more, visit the Fieldtrips page.


VMSG also offers monetary contributions to support national and international meetings on volcanic and magmatic themes. We recently sponsored the GSA 125th Anniversary fieldtrip to Skye & Rum.

If you would like VMSG to support your conference/workshop, visit the Sponsorship page for more information.