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VMSG 2016

Please see the flyer below for details of the upcoming VMSG 2016 Annual Meeting in Dublin. Registration is now OPEN. Please click on the flyer or follow the link in the menu for more information.


GSA Session

Please see the flyer below for details of an upcoming session which may be of interest to the VMSG community. For further info please contact the named conveners.


National Geographic TV documentary - information on volcanism required

Message from Assistant Producer Alice Smith: []

A map of Hell

National Geographic are producing a landmark documentary special about the history of Hell. We will explore how the concept of Hell forms a collective imagination that is constantly being reinvented and reimagined. We would like to look at where Hell appears in literature, art, history and culture and uncover the surprising ways in which the concept of Hell has shaped science, politics and society. We would like to visit some of the landscapes - particularly Volcanic - that have inspired myths and legends about Hell to learn about their real geological processes. We will be filming in Europe and the Americas this summer and would very much like to hear about expeditions taking place in these areas that might be relevant to our topic.

I have had an email exchange with Alice, and if you are interested in discussing a collaboration, or offering information then please contact her directly. We have already suggested localities in Iceland, and contacts/expeditions that may be visiting there this summer. However, in addition, she is also interested in examples from the Roman province, and the Mediterranean area with respect to the way in which the Romans and Greeks explained volcanic phenomena.

Assuming this documentary adopts a scientific approach to natural phenomenon (which we are assured it will be) then we have asked that VMSG be credited as a contributing source should it all go ahead. Individual contributors should also negotiate their own accreditation should their work be used.

Mike Widdowson - VMSG Chair


Student Bursaries Available!

Dear Students!

VMSG awards bursaries of a maximum £300 for student researchers from the VMSG community to attend conferences and technical/field workshops.

The deadline for the next round of applications is the 1st June. For full details and to download an up-to-date application form (the new 2015 form) please go to the Student Bursaries page.


VMSG Award 2016

We are now seeking nominations for the 2016 VMSG Award. The VMSG award is bestowed annually on an individual who is deemed to have made a significant contribution to our current understanding of volcanic and magmatic processes. Such a contribution will most likely be in the form of a paper or series of papers, although other forms of evidence (e.g. convening paradigm-changing workshops and conferences) will also be considered.

There is no age or nationality limit and researchers at any stage of their career will be considered. The nominee should ideally be a part of the VMSG Community, through participation in VMSG meetings and activities and/or interaction with other VMSG scientists. The deadline for nominations is the 31st May 2015. You can find full details on the VMSG Award page.


Sorby Conference, Leeds

Abstract and normal registration deadlines for the Sorby Conference on Fluid and Melt Inclusions (ECROFI 23, 27-29 June) in Leeds are rapidly approaching. There are now additional details for the Short Course and Field Trip on the conference web site.

We have also obtained sufficient sponsorship to be able to reduce the cost to students of the 2 day Short Course to just £50 INCLUDING 1 nights B & B accommodation. Students must be registering for the Conference also to benefit from this rate.

We look forward to seeing you in Leeds in June!


VMSG Newsletters

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VMSG 2015 Success!

Thank you to all who made it to Norwich for VMSG 2015, the meeting was a huge success, topped off with a wonderful night to remember at Carrow Road for the VMSG dinner. Congratulations to all the winners of awards, especially Prof. Jenni Barclay - this year's VMSG Award recipient, a worthy awardee.

Here's to VMSG 2016 in Dublin! Check back for details later in the year.


New VMSG Committee

Thank you to all who voted in the recent election. We are pleased to announce our new committee for 2016 will be headed by Mike Widdowson (Hull), with Richy Brown (Durham), Victoria Smith (Oxford), Janine Kavanaugh (Liverpool), Seb Watt (Birmingham) and Tom Pering (Sheffield) being other new members to the committee this year. We will strive to carry forward the VMSG into new and exciting adventures in 2016. Keep an eye out for activities and other news on all the social media feeds and through the website.