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Jon Davidson

It is with great sadness that VMSG reports the passing of Professor Jon Davidson of Durham University. Jon had been a great supporter of VMSG, and guided our Special Interest Group (SIG) as Chair (2006 - 2009), and latterly as President of one of our parent bodies, the Mineralogical Society (2012 - 2013). His calmness, wisdom, easy manner and approachability will be long remembered by all those who served on these Committees with him.

Jon began his research evaluating the sources and processes which determine the nature of magmatic rocks at arcs. He was recognized for integrating modern geochemical - particularly isotopic - methods with detailed petrology and fieldwork at subduction zones across the world, from the West Indies to Kamchatka, New Zealand and the Andes. More recently he developed techniques for isotopically fingerprinting magmatic components at the scale of individual minerals, thus fundamentally contributing to our understanding of the intricacies of processes operating within magma reservoirs themselves.

For this ground-breaking research, his contribution to magmatic and volcanic studies, as well as his services to VMSG, Jon was awarded the VMSG Award in 2014; appropriately, this our highest accolade, was presented at the 50th Year Anniversary Meeting at the world-renowned venue 'Dynamic Earth', Edinburgh. His keynote talk at this meeting was a superb example of how the complexities of igneous isotope geoscience could be delivered in an entirely accessible, entertaining and informative manner.

He will be fondly remembered by friends, research colleagues, students, and the VMSG Community.

Dr Mike Widdowson (Chair, VMSG)

A more detailed outline of Jon's many qualities and broader scientific contributions may be found at the following site:


VMSG Elections 2017

We now require help from you, the community. We have 5 candidates for 2 positions on the VMSG committee to serve from 2017-2019. Please take some time to read about their aims for their time on the committee and cast your vote.

Vote Here

Closing date to cast your vote is October 12th 2016 - also closing date of Early Bird registration for Liverpool 2017.


Liverpool 2017 Registration Open

Early Bird registration is now open for Liverpool 2017.

Please see the dedicated conference website for further details.


New Committee Members Needed

The VMSG committee are seeking two new ordinary members and one student representative to serve from the start of 2017. A brief outline of the roles and responsibilities is below. Being on the committee is an excellent way to become involved with and contribute to the VMSG community and help shape our future direction. It involves attending two committee meetings a year, one of which is held immediately before the Annual Meeting (3rd January 2017 in Liverpool) - if you stand you will need to be available to attend this meeting in January 2017, and the other is held in July. All other committee business is conducted by email. We encourage application from researchers at any stage of their post-doctoral (and beyond) career and with active research interests in any aspect covered by the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (volcanology, igneous petrology and geochemistry, and allied fields), and whether employed at a university, in government organisations or industry, such that the committee can reflect the broad interests of VMSG members.

An Ordinary Member serves for 3 years. Nominations in the form of a short blurb (1/2 A4) about yourself and why you want to stand, and listing a proposer and seconder from the VMSG community, should be sent to the Secretary no later than Friday 19th August, 2016. Should there be more than two nominees, then an electronic election by VMSG members through the Liverpool VMSG Conference registration website will take place in the Autumn.

We also seek a new student representative. The student rep serves on the VMSG committee for one year, and works as the student voice on the committee. In addition to giving you the opportunity to help keep the students at the centre of VMSG, holding this position looks great on your CV. If you are interested in standing please send a short blurb (1/2 A4) about yourself and why you want to stand no later than Friday 19th August, 2016. This position is open to all senior (2nd, 3rd or 4th year) PhD students that have attended at least one VMSG meeting. A successful student representative is known within the community, so we ask that all nominees should supply the names and contact details of two supporting VMSG members. One of your supporting members should be a student, and the other should be an academic (lecturer or post-doc). Your supporting members can be from any department, but your academic supporting member must not be your supervisor. If contested, the Student Rep will be elected by an electronic vote alongside the other committee positions.

We look forward to receiving your applications. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other current committee members.

Please forward your applications to the VMSG secretary (


Past Committee Members - We Need Your Help!

The VMSG committee is looking to build upon our 50th anniversary celebrations by building a more complete picture of the groups activities and contributions to science over the past 52 years. Part of this is chronicling those who have served on the committee at any point.

If you have served on the VMSG committee in the past, could you please contact Peter Marshall with the dates you were an active member and if you held any particular position?

Additionally if there are any group photos lying around, which you wouldn't mind being uploaded to the website, these would also be greatly appreciated.

With thanks in advance on behalf of the VMSG committee