As a special interest group with current and interesting research, VMSG periodically publishes a newsletter, volumes of which can be found below. For current openings and matters of interest, regular postings on the VMSG Facebook and Linked In groups and Twitter feed help members keep up to date with relevant news in the community. If you are interested in recieving news through any of these channels please click on the relevant icons at the top of this page.

In addition to the social media, we also run a mailing list for the latest newsletters and postings from within the volcanology community. To join the list, please see the membership page.

VMSG Newsletter

No. 01 (August 2008) No. 02 (October 2008) No. 03 (December 2008)
No. 04 (February 2009) No. 05 (April 2009) No. 06 (June 2009)
No. 07 (August 2009) No. 08 (October 2009) No. 09 (December 2009)
No. 10 (February 2010) No. 11 (May 2010) No. 12 (October 2010)
No. 13 (December 2010) No. 14 (February 2011) No. 15 (May 2011)
No. 16 (August 2011) No. 17 (December 2011) No. 18 (February 2012)
No. 19 (May 2012) No. 20 (August 2012) No. 21 (November 2012)
No. 22 (February 2013) No. 23 (May 2014) No. 24 (October 2014)
No. 25 (December 2014) No. 26 (January 2015) No. 27 (April 2015)
No. 28 (September 2015) No. 29 (December 2015) No. 30 (February 2016)
No. 31 (June 2016) No. 32 (September 2016) No. 33 (December 2016)
No. 34 (February 2017)

MinSoc Publications

If, as a participant in the VMSG community, you are a member of the Mineralogical Society, there are further publications available. Members of VMSG who choose to join MinSoc will get their own copy of Elements, the monthly newsletter of the society. Membership also provides access to the Mineralogical Magazine.

The Mineralogical Magazine is an international journal of mineral sciences, published six times a year, which covers the fields of mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry, petrology, environmental geology and economic geology. This journal is available in print and as an e-journal. The journal has been published continuously since the founding of the Society in 1876 and is a leading journal in its field. As well as research papers the journal also includes book reviews.

GeolSoc Publications

If VMSG members decide to become fellows of the Geological Society, there are advantages to this also. All Fellows receive the monthly magazine Geoscientist, one free Society journal (Journal of the Geological Society, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geoscience or Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis), discounted publications and meeting fees and access to the world-class Lyell Collection.