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Deadline: 4th January 2018

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Host institution: University of Cambridge

The role of liquid immiscibility in creating Fe-Ti oxide deposits in mafic layered intrusions
Marian Holness (Cambridge) / Jens Andersen (Exeter) / Sam Weatherley (GEUS)

Early Earth evidence for a magnetic field
Helen Williams (Cambridge) / Richard Harrison (Cambridge)

The storage and cycling of carbon in subduction zones: implications for the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere
Helen Williams (Cambridge) / Marie Edmonds (Cambridge) / Baptiste Debret (Brussels)

Carbon and sulfur cycling in the Earth's mantle over the last 4 Ga: new clues from novel stable isotopes
Helen Williams (Cambridge) / Oliver Shorttle (Cambridge) / Frances Jenner (OU) / Heye Freymuth (Cambridge)

Tracing mineralogical variations in the Earth's mantle: implications for accretion and the onset of tectonic recycling
Helen Williams (Cambridge) / Oliver Shorttle (Cambridge)

Magmatism as a Key to Unlocking Phanerozoic Dynamic Topography
Nicky White (Cambridge) / John Maclennan (Cambridge)

Atmospheric fingerprints of Volcanism
Oliver Shorttle (Cambridge) / Alex Archibald (Cambridge) / Nikku Madhusudhan (Cambridge)

Olivine dislocation microstructure: a new archive of magmatic processes
Emilie Ringe (Cambridge) / John Maclannen (Cambridge) / Oliver Shorttle (Cambridge)

Magma ocean solidification: Early Earth and the dichotomous lunar crust
Jerome Neufeld (Cambridge) / Chloe Michaut (Lyon)

Magma rise in basaltic systems
John Maclennan (Cambridge) / John Rudge (Cambridge)

Magma Rise Times from Finite Element Models of Crystal Growth and Diffusion
John Maclennan (Cambridge) / John Rudge (Cambridge) / Chris Richardson (BP Institute)

Powering the nation: The Icelandic crustal heat balance
John Maclennan (Cambridge) / David Neave (Hannover)

The distribution of carbon in Earth's mantle
John Maclennan (Cambridge) / Oliver Shorttle (Cambridge) / John Rudge (Cambridge)

Tephra records of explosive volcanism along the Kenyan Rift
Christine Lane (Cambridge) / Clive Oppenheimer (Cambridge) / Amy Donovan (Cambridge)

Crystal-melt segregation and the generation of large crystal-poor silicic eruptions
Marian Holness (Cambridge) / Mike Stock (Cambridge) / Rex Taylor (Southampton)

Microstructural proxies for igneous and metamorphic timescales
Marian Holness (Cambridge) / Emilie Ringe (Cambridge)

Novel constraints on the volatile contents of mantle melts feeding Large Igneous Provinces
Sally Gibson (Cambridge) / Helen Williams (Cambridge)