Central England NERC Training Alliance (CENTA)

University of Birmingham, University of Leicester, Loughborough University, The Open University, University of Warwick & other partners

Deadline: 22nd January 2018

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Host institution: University of Birmingham

The stratigraphy and emplacement of the Antrim Lavas (SEAL)
Carl Stevenson (Birmingham) / Sebastian Watt (Birmingham) / Rob Raine (Geological Survey of Northern Ireland) / Dougal Jerram (Oslo) / Phil Copestake (Merlin Energy)

Host institution: University of Leicester

Accessory minerals as fertility indicators in porphyry copper deposit formation
Andrew Miles (Leicester) / David Holwell (Leicester) / Dan Smith (Leicester) / Shaun Graham (ZEISS)

Eruption source vents and subsidence patterns in exhumed caldera volcanoes, English Lake District
Michael Branney (Leicester) / Jan Zalasiewicz (Leicester) / Tiffany Barry (Leicester)

Mathematical modelling of large volcanic jets through lakes
Michael Branney (Leicester) / Nikolai Brilliantov (Leicester) / Emmanuil Georgoulis (Leicester)

Melt fragmentation during giant impact events: a volcanological approach
Mike Branney (Leicester) / Jan Zalasiewicz (Leicester) / Tiffany Barry (Leicester) / Lutz Hecht (Berlin) / Kathy Cashman (Bristol)

Post-subduction magmatism and mineralisation: the Tuvatu gold deposit, Fiji
Dan Smith (Leicester) / Andrew Miles (Leicester) / David Holwell (Leicester) / Jon Naden (BGS) / Stephen Mann (Lion One Metals Ltd) / Paul Spry (Iowa State)

Host institution: The Open University, Milton Keynes

Enrichment of critical elements in granites: melting process or protolith?
Tom Argles (OU) / Frances Jenner (OU) / Sam Hammond (OU) / Nigel Harris (OU)

Pulses, sources and timescales: tectonic implications of melting during mountain-belt formation
Clare Warren (OU) / Tom Argles (OU) / Christopher Spencer (Curtin) / Nigel Harris (OU)

Host institution: Loughborough University


Host institution: University of Warwick