The Great Western Four Plus (GW4+)

University of Bristol, Cardiff University, University of Exeter, University of Bath & other partners

Deadline: 7th January 2018

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Host institution: University of Bristol

Basaltic volcanic fields: Magma storage and controls on volcanic activity
Kathy Cashman (Bristol) / Alison Rust (Bristol) / Johan Lissenberg (Cardiff) / Natalia Deligne (GNS)

Fragmentation, ash dispersal and sedimentation for hydromagmatic volcanic eruptions
Alison Rust (Bristol) / Kathy Cashman (Bristol) / Frances Becket (Met Office)

Isotopic and experimental constraints on the global Mo cycle
Tim Elliot (Bristol) / Richard Brooker (Bristol) / Dan Condon (NIGL)

Magmatic Processes and Eruption Variability at Mount Taranaki, New Zealand
Heidy Mader (Bristol) / Richard Brooker (Bristol) / Geoff Kilgour (GNS)

Structural controls on the growth of magma bodies: thermal modeling of porphyries, plutons and active deformation in the Andes
Juliet Biggs (Bristol) / Wim Degruyter (Cardiff) / BHP Billiton (CASE Partner)

Thermomechanical controls on unrest and pre-eruptive processes: A comparison of the Auckland volcanic field and Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand
Jo Gottsmann (Bristol) / James Hickey (CSM) / Geoff Kilgour (GNS)

Understanding chromium and titanium isotope fractionation in the Earth's mantle
Ian Parkinson (Bristol) / Richard Brooker (Bristol) / Marc-Alban Millet (Cardiff)

When did the Earth's cratonic lithosphere form? A new look at the record from inclusions in diamonds
Simon Kohn (Bristol) / Ian Parkinson (Bristol) / Michael Walter (Geophysical Laboratory, USA)

Host institution: Cardiff University

Characterisation of volcanic emergence of the Panama Isthmus
David Buchs (Cardiff) / Andrew Kerr (Cardiff) / Jon Blundy (Bristol)

Constraining the petrogenesis and timing of the late magmatic events in the British Palaeogene Igneous Province
Andrew Kerr (Cardiff) / Iain McDonald (Cardiff) / Hannah Hughes (CSM) / Ian Millar (NIGL)

How did Earth's earliest continents form? Novel isotopic window into the formation of the Pilbara and Yilgarn cratons (Western Australia)
Marc-Alban Millet (Cardiff) / Morten Andersen (Cardiff) / Tim Elliot (Bristol) / Hugh Smithies (Geological Survey of Western Australia) / David Champion (Geoscience Australia)

Isotopic heterogeneity of the oceanic upper mantle: the crystal record
Johan Lissenberg (Cardiff) / Marc-Alban Millet (Cardiff) / Ian Parkinson (Bristol)

Constraining mantle dynamics with geochemical observations
Huw Davies (Cardiff) / Tim Elliott (Bristol) / Morten Andersen (Cardiff) / Johan Lissenberg (Cardiff)

Host institution: Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter

The life and times of porphyry copper deposits in the Archean
Simon Tapster (BGS) / Ian Parkinson (Bristol)

Host institution: British Geological Survey, Keyworth


Host institution: British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge


Host institution: University of Bath