IAPETUS: Postgraduate Environmental Training NexUS

Durham University, University of Glasgow, Newcastle University, University of Stirling, University of St. Andrews & other partners

Deadline: 19th January 2018

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Host institution: Durham University

Intrusive investigations with transition metal (Fe-V-Zn) stable isotopes
Julie Prytulak (Durham) / John MacDonald (Glasgow) / Madeleine Humphreys (Durham) / Geoff Nowell (Durham) / Kevin Burton (Durham)

The volcanic roots of the Lesser Antilles island arc: insights from mineral isotope stratigraphy
Julie Prytulak (Durham) / Iain Neill (Glasgow) / Geoff Nowell (Durham) / George Cooper (Durham) / Colin Macpherson (Durham)

Host institution: University of Glasgow

Improved measurements of land motion from GPS for geoscience applications (sea-level / GIA / tectonics / hydrology / volcanology)
Elizabeth Petrie (Glasgow) / Peter Clarke (Newcastle) / Surajit Ray (Glasgow)

Host institution: University of St Andrews

The effect of hydrothermal alteration and seafloor weathering on the oceanic Si isotope cycle
Paul Savage (St Andrews) / Kevin Burton (Durham) / James Rae (St Andrews)

The evolution of Earth's atmosphere as recorded by continental crust
Eva Stüeken (St Andrews) / Julie Prytulak (Durham) / Sami Mikhail (St Andrews) / Will McCarthy (St Andrews)

Host institution: Newcastle University


Host institution: University of Stirling