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Deadline: 9th January 2018

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Host institution: University of Leeds

Unseen but not unfelt: building resilience to air pollution from volcanoes
Evgenia Ilyinskaya (Leeds) / Anja Schmidt (Cambridge) / Ralph Burton (NCAS) / Claire Witham (Met Office) / Wilfried Strauch (INETER, Nicaragua)

Martian volcanic systems: using surface strain indicators to investigate magmatically driven stress in the Tharsis region, Mars
Emma Bramham (Leeds) / Mark Thomas (Leeds) / Sandra Piazolo (Leeds) / Douglas Paton (Leeds) / Paul Byrne (NCSU)

How do magmatic mush zones deform?
Susanna Ebmeier (Leeds) / Dan Morgan (Leeds) / Andy Hooper (Leeds)

Explosive basaltic volcanism in the Ethiopian rift
David Ferguson (Leeds) / Dan Morgan (Leeds) / Gezahegn Yirgu (Addis Ababa) / Marie Edmonds (Cambridge)

Understanding caldera collapse at volcanoes in the Galapagos Islands using satellite remote sensing and gravity measurements
Andy Hooper (Leeds) / Susanna Ebmeier (Leeds) / Marco Bagnardi (NASA)

Reading Gold: Investigating the link between chemical composition, microstructure and geological history of gold
Dan Morgan (Leeds) / Sandra Piazolo (Leeds) / Robert Chapman (Leeds) / David Banks (Leeds) / Thomas Mueller (Leeds)

Did the Early Earth have plate tectonics?
Thomas Mueller (Leeds) / Sandra Piazolo (Leeds) / Jason Harvey (Leeds)

Magmatic mass transfer through deep crust: Field relationships, chemistry and rheology
Sandra Piazolo (Leeds) / Thomas Mueller (Leeds)

Petrological & geochemical insights into subduction initiation- the case of Izu-Bonin-Mariana volcanic arc
Ivan Savov (Leeds) / David Ferguson (Leeds) / Jason Harvey (Leeds)

Relating large scale volcanic flank mass movements to the possible role and existence of water on Mars
Mark Thomas (Leeds) / Emma Bramham (Leeds) / Paul Byrne (NCSU)

Host institution: University of York