The Manchester and Liverpool Doctoral Training Programme

University of Manchester, University of Liverpool & Other Partners

Deadline: 19th Janaury 2018

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Host institution: University of Manchester

Early Earth hydrosphere-lithosphere interactions: Black smokers, Mineral deposits and the Origin of life
Brian O'Driscoll (Manchester) / Russell Garwood (Manchester) / Neil Mitchell (Manchester)

Magama Chambers or Mush?
Julian Mecklenburgh (Manchester) / Ernie Rutter (Manchester) / Peter Lee (Manchester) / Brian O'Driscoll (Manchester) / Mike Burton (Manchester)

Reactive melt flow in the lower oceanic crustal transition zone
Brian O'Driscoll (Manchester) / Margaret Hartley (Manchester) / Julien Leuthold (ETH)

The fluid dynamics of magma replenishment in precious metal-enriched layered intrusions
Brian O'Driscoll (Manchester) / Chris Johnson (Manchester) / Anne Juel (Manchester)

Volatile history of the Moon through geomorphological studies of eruption deposits and modelling of volcanic processes
Mike Burton (Manchester) / Katie Joy (Manchester) / Margherita Polacci (Manchester) / Giuseppe La Spina (Manchester) / Mattia de Michieli Vitturi (INGV Pisa)

Host institution: University of Liverpool

Acoustic characterization of volcanic activity at the Santiaguito lava dome complex, Guatemala; implications for assessment of eruption strength and atmospheric ash plume rise
Silvio De Angelis (Liverpool) / Andreas Rietbrock (Liverpool) / Yan Lavallée (Liverpool)

Seismicity, deformation, and failure at lava dome volcanoes
Silvio De Angelis (Liverpool) / Yan Lavallée (Liverpool)

Ultra-high-resolution models of fast changing topography: application to basaltic lava flows
Pablo Gonzalez (Liverpool) / Silvio De Angelis (Liverpool)

The Conundrum of Rangitoto Volcano, New Zealand; the Palaeomagnetic Story
Mimi Hill (Liverpool) / Andy Biggin (Liverpool) / Andreas Nilsson (Lund) / Paul Augustinus (Auckland) / Phil Shane, (Auckland)

Kimberlite magmas and eruptions: Origin and evolution
Janine Kavanagh (Liverpool) / E. Mariani (Liverpool) / Yan Lavallée (Liverpool) / K. Russell (UBC) / E. Humphreys-Williams (NHM)

Tracking magma ascent in the crust
Janine Kavanagh (Liverpool) / Silvio De Angelis (Liverpool) / D. Dennis (Liverpool)

Analysing the threat of volcanic ash on jet engine operation
Yan Lavallée (Liverpool) / Mike Burton (Manchester) / Silvio De Angelis (Liverpool) / Jackie Kendrick (Liverpool) / Alan Butcher (FEI) / Jacopo Taddeucci (INGV Rome)

What controls magma foaming in volcanic conduits? Testing the effects of differential stress and temperature fields
Yan Lavallée (Liverpool) / Mike Burton (Manchester) / Peter Lee (Manchester) / Jackie Kendrick (Liverpool) / Donald Dingwell (Munich)

The volcanic safety valve: controlling the release of volatiles for safe geothermal drilling into magma chamber
Yan Lavallée (Liverpool) / Felix von Aulock (Liverpool) / Peter Lee (Manchester) / Greg Holland (Manchester) / Jackie Kendrick (Liverpool) / Hugh Tuffen (Lancaster) / Bettina Scheu (Munich)

Eruptive shearing during magma ascent - a control on lava dome eruption dynamics
Yan Lavallée (Liverpool) / Janine Kavanagh (Liverpool) / David Dennis (Liverpool) / Jackie Kendrick (Liverpool) / P Zavada (Prague) / K-U Hess (Munich)

3D seismic tomography at Santiaguito volcano, Guatemala
Andreas Rietbrock (Liverpool) / Silvio De Angelis (Liverpool) / Yan Lavallée (Liverpool)

High frequency Moment Tensors: A novel tool to estimate earthquakes faulting mechanisms in volcanoes, subduction zones and hydrofracturing experiments
Andreas Rietbrock (Liverpool) / Ben Edwards (Liverpool) / Brian Baptie (BGS)

Accretion of the continental crust: from real-time observations to mechanical and analogue models of magma body growth
Pablo Gonzalez (Liverpool) / Janine Kavanagh (Liverpool)

Landscape conditioning of lahar and jökulhlaup impact
Robert Duller (Liverpool) / Silvio De Angelis (Liverpool) / Pablo Gonzales (Liverpool)

From feeder dykes to volcanic vents: The influence of rock mechanics on magma intrusion in the crust
Janine Kavanagh (Liverpool) / Dan Faulkner (Liverpool) / David Dennis (Liverpool)

High Latitude Variations of the Earth's Magnetic Field: the Holocene Icelandic Lava Record
Mimi Hill (Liverpool) / Andy Biggin (Liverpool) / Richard Holme (Liverpool)

Linking topography changes to physical volcanic processes
Pablo Gonzalez (Liverpool) / Silvio De Angelis (Liverpool)

Mantle magma fluxes constrained using geodesy at Ocean Island Volcanoes
Pablo Gonzalez (Liverpool) / Silvio De Angelis (Liverpool)

The dynamics of cone sheet emplacement and construction of volcanic edifices
Janine Kavanagh (Liverpool) / Brian O'Driscoll (Manchester) / Andy Biggin (Liverpool) / David Dennis (Liverpool)

The dynamics of lateral magma transport in volcanic rift zones
Janine Kavanagh (Liverpool) / Margaret Hartley (Manchester) / Silvio De Angelis (Liverpool) / Pablo Gonzalez (Liverpool)