SPITFIRE - the Southampton Partnership for Innovative Training of Future Investigators Researching the Environment

University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre & other partners

Deadline: 5th January 2018

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Host institution: University of Southampton

Archaeology and Volcanism in Northern Japan; Combing tephrachronology with sediment metabarcoding
Tony Brown (Southampton) / Paul Hughes (Southampton)

Boron isotopes as a tracer of crustal recycling in mantle plumes
Martin Palmer (Southampton) / Thomas Gernon (Southampton) / Rex Taylor (Southampton)

Characterising the volcanic and geochemical record of continental breakup in Afar
Thomas Gernon (Southampton) / Derek Keir (Southampton) / Rex Taylor (Southampton) / C Pagli (Pisa)

Mantle-derived volatiles fuel explosivity of ocean island volcanoes
Rex Taylor (Southampton) / Thomas Gernon (Southampton) / Michael Stock (Cambridge)